Retirement’s around the corner, you’ve got more questions than answers.

When will we retire?
Where will my kids settle down? Grandkids?
How are we going to take care of mom (or dad)?

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With so much up in the air, Irene provides families with ultimate flexibility.

We’ll buy your home for fair market value and rent it back to you. You’ll have your home, your savings, and none of the hassles of maintenance or selling down the road.

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Remain at home with costly, but essential, services like in-home care or home-modifications.


For You

Gain immediate flexibility as you get things in order for your next move. Option to repurchase at any point.


In The Press

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Sell For Full Value, Rent it Back

Immediately lock in gains by selling the home at fair market value. Rent covers taxes, maintenance, and insurance.


Pay for Essential Services

Use proceeds from the sale to pay for essential services like in-home care or investments in your children’s education.


Maximum Flexibility

When you do decide to move, there is no added stress of selling your property. You can focus on what's most important.