Is Irene a reverse mortgage?

No, we are not.

In fact, we created Irene because we believe reverse mortgages are often times not the best solution for seniors. They can be complex and in certain circumstances, can lead to seniors losing their homes or leave heirs with large amounts of debt. We believe that Irene’s model, used in Europe for centuries, is safer and simpler.

What can I expect from Irene?

Fair Value For your Home and Full Flexibility

We pay fair market value for your family’s home. Should your needs or situation change and you would like to move out or buy back the home, you can do so at any time.

Who qualifies for Irene?

It's about fit - not qualifications.

Our solutions are flexible and designed for senior homeowners who want to stay in their homes during retirement. As everyone’s situation is unique, give us a call and find out if Irene is a good fit for you.

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